Approximately 80% of children in Ontario start school without a comprehensive eye exam, yet vision problems play a huge part in limiting children’s success in their first learning years. From early learning until junior high, visual learning is key – a problem with vision can be a direct correlation to slipping grades. Because up to 25% of children may start school with an undiagnosed vision problem, the number of children who actually complain of an issue is low, simply because they may not even realize what clear vision is like.

Signs your child may be experiencing vision problems:

  • Slipping grades
  • Holding books too close or sitting close to the TV
  • Headaches
  • Squinting
  • Shortened attention span
  • Frequently losing their place when reading or copying from the board
  • Becomes nervous or irritable when asked to read

Even if your child is not experiencing any of these symptoms, comprehensive eye exams are important for overall health and to ensure your child’s vision is developing normally. We recommend that every child two years of age and older have a yearly eye exam.